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What is Biokinetics

Biokineticists are:

  • HPCSA registered practitioners and are an important component of the modern multi-disciplinary medical team.

  • Concerned with preventative healthcare, the maintenance of physical abilities and final-phase rehabilitation.

  • Trained in the use of scientifically-based exercise and physical activity programmes to assist patients to:

    • improve their physical wellbeingand quality of life

    • lower their risk of developing and/or manage non-communicable diseases and chronic diseases of lifestyle

    • recover after injury, surgery or illness.


Biokineticists play an important role in health promotion (through advocating regular exercise) and disease prevention (through regular health screening). Most large medical aids use biokineticists to screen for chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes and hypercholestrolemia. 

When can you see a biokineticist?

If you:

  • suffer from chronic disease such as heart disease, hypertension, arthritis or diabetes

  • suffer from orthopaedic conditions that prevent you from optimising your quality of life

  • had surgery and are finding it difficult to recover fully

  • suffered an injury which continues to hamper your ability to function optimally

  • have recurring sport injuries

  • require exercise as part of a weight-management programme

  • are sedentary and need to increase your physical fitness levels

  • need to improve your general physical abilities through exercise 

Monique Bouwer Biokineticists

A professional and qualified member in the field of Biokinetics and related exercise sciences since 2014, passionate about each individuals health, ability and well being.

Through comprehensive rehabilitation programs, we hope to create a safe and comfortable environment that empowers individuals to manage their care independently, return to a functional lifestyle and improve their quality of life.



Services Provided

  • Sport and orthopaedic rehabilitation & assessments

  • Post-op Rehabilitation

  • Strength testing & training

  • Posture realignment training

  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)

  • Electromyography (EMG)

  • Discovery Vitality Fitness Assessments

  • General Conditioning

  • Group training involving Pilates type exercises

  • To enable health, wellness & strength



95 Klerck Avenue, Brandwag, Bloemfontein

Tel: 051-4440339

Cell: 0728005202

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